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Full Branding Package

I have been working with Muscle Hoodies since February 2022, originally working with them to create an impactful brand identity, I then went on to design custom quotes & stand out icons for each of their seasonal drops.


Each new collection brings something new to the table and the sentiment remains exactly the same - Muscle Hoodies believe at the core of fitness is self confidence and acceptance, so we try to keep the design of the products as inclusive and representative as possible.


We use bright colours and fun slogans that are designed to help make people feel good about themselves; nothing screams confidence more than loud, humorous statement tees, hoodies & crew necks!

muscle hoodies xmas portfolioArtboard 1.png
Muscle Hoodies HP Creative StudioArtboard 3.jpg
Muscle Hoodies HP Creative StudioArtboard 4.jpg
Muscle Hoodies HP Creative StudioArtboard 6.jpg
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