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Web Design



Your business deserves to have an online presence that's just as beautiful and intentional as your brand. With a new

website, you can grow your brand and build a strong foundation with your customers, clients & brands.


I can help you craft a completely unique look that’s tailored to your business, with a focus on strategy, consistency and usability.

Take a look at my packages below & let me know what one you think would work for you & your biz. each package is bespoke to you and your business needs!



A fully customised website designed in 1 DAY! This is perfect for you if you’re starting out and want to bring your business to life with

an incredible, personality-filled website.

Only £550



A fully customised and bespoke website tailored to your branding and business. This package covers all your needs - a perfect online space to show off your business.



The perfect website size for product based businesses that sales products online. The package takes all the admin out of your hands and is managed by us. It also includes separately designed branded icons & buttons uniquely designed for your site.

The GlowUP  Package:

Take your business to the next level with this dreamy package. This package levels you up from start-up to GLOW UP and is suitable for businesses who are in need of a rebrand. With all the essentials you need to keep your visuals consistent, on-trend and covered in all areas of your business. 


Whats included in this package:

  • Mood boards (x3)

  • ​​Brand research and strategy

  • Main logo, alternative logo & submark

  • Brand mark 

  • Brand pattern

  • 3x Stationary or Digital design (thank you or business card, email signature, digital banners etc)

  • 3x Custom lllustrations

  • Social media icons (used for insta highlights or web)

  • Social media templates

  • Brand style-guide document


Timeline 4-5 weeks

Get everything you need in the Mini Essentials Package to get your brand up and running & launching with a bang! The package includes everything you need to start with. You can also expand on this package as your business grows over time or use this package as a starting point to create something custom - made to fit exactly what you want!

Whats included in this package:

  • Mood boards (x3)

  • Brand research and strategy

  • Main logo, alternative logo & submark

  • Brand mark & pattern

  • 2x Stationary or Digital design (thank you or business card, email signature, digital banners etc)

  • 2x illustrations

  • 1x icon design

  • Brand style-guide document

Timeline 3-4 weeks

The Mini Essentials Package:

HP_Creative_Studio_BrandingArtboard 42.png

You know the feeling when you open a package and it’s filled with all great things? That’s what this brand design package accomplishes when investing in your business! It’s fully packed with designs, assets and guides to cover absolutely all areas of your business. Using timeless designs & strategy, this package is perfect for you to make an impact.

Whats included in this package:

  • Mood boards (x3)

  • Main logo, alternative logo & submark

  • Brand mark & pattern

  • Thank you card, business card & price list (additional digital graphics can be replaced such as GIFs, banners, merchandise, bespoke signage etc)

  • Custom, bespoke illustrations

  • Social media icons

  • Instagram icon highlights

  • Fully customisable social media templates for Canva / Adobe

  • Email signature 

  • Instagram & Facebook profile images

  • Social media banner (Etsy, Facebook, Twitter etc)

  • Brand style-guide document

  • Typography style document

Timeline 5-6 weeks

The Ultimate Brand Identity Package:

Grow your brand and build a strong foundation with a new business website. 

Our sites are designed in:

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • ShowIt

  • with a 5-6 week turn around

My website packages are offered in 4 tiers:, for more information, enquire below to book in a call to discuss your ideas or email for a copy of my website packages document.

Timeline 5-6 weeks

The Website Bundle Packages:

Bespoke Graphic Design:

I offer bespoke design services for one off graphic design materials. This service offers anything from business card designs, printed & digital media, printed & digital collateral, social media design and many more. Please drop me a message if you need something that isn't on the list!


Design offers:​

• llustration (up to 3 illustrations)

• Apparel

• Product & Packaging Design (3 days minimum)

• Website Implementation - Wix, Shopify & Squarespace only

(3 days minimum)

• Printed Stationery (2 days minimum)

• Business Cards (Includes setting up for print)

• Price lists

• Thank you & Business cards

• Website assets

• Shopify assets (2 days minimum)

• Menu design

Timeline 8 hours - £400 per day

Graphic Design Monthly Retainers:

We understand the importance of staying on top of your design needs while juggling other responsibilities that come with running a successful business! That's why we're excited to introduce our Monthly Graphic Design Retainer the ultimate solution to meet your ever-evolving design requirements while allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business!

We offer:

☻ Brand refreshes

☻ Content design

☻ Social media design

☻ Website designs

☻ Newsletter designs

☻ Printed goods

HANNAH PRESDEE_HP Creative Studio_EDIT_2film-grain-_-light-leak-template---part-1.jpg

Fill in my enquiry form and book in a call with me to discuss your ideas! (You can also opt for email if this is not possible!)

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